Two Weeks Notice

The prosecution rested yesterday in the Paul Manafort trial, and considering how urgently the judge is hurrying the proceedings along, we’re now probably looking at a guilty verdict within two weeks at most. Remarkably, but probably not coincidentally, a whole lot of other things involving Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Trump-Russia scandal are aligning within that same timeframe – suggesting that we’re about to see fireworks across the board.

Palmer Report has spent months chronicling how Robert Mueller’s grand jury proceedings have been slowly but surely zeroing in on Roger Stone. Kristin Davis just testified against him, Randy Credico is being subpoenaed to testify, and Andrew Miller is pulling out all the last-ditch legal stops to try to avoid testifying. As far as anyone can tell, these are the last three pieces of the puzzle against Stone. It’s now entirely reasonable to expect Stone to be indicted and arrested within roughly that same two week timeframe.

These two criminal cases against Paul Manafort and Roger Stone have each been in the works for several months, coming from different directions. Now suddenly we’re looking at Manafort being convicted just before Stone is arrested. That doesn’t sound like a coincidence. Manafort’s conviction for financial fraud will greatly boost Mueller’s legal standing, just as Mueller prepares to arrest Stone in what will be the first official bust of one of Trump’s campaign advisers for conspiring with the Russians.

Throw in the fact that Ecuador is suddenly handing Julian Assange over to a nation (the UK) that has an extradition treaty with the United States, just as Robert Mueller is preparing to indict Roger Stone for having conspired with Assange, and the pieces start fitting together even more neatly. It’s as if Robert Mueller has been timing everything else to take place right after he lands that first guilty verdict against Paul Manafort. We’re seeing his long term plan come together, and we’re looking at two weeks notice.

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