Robert Mueller is publicly testifying before two different House committees

Robert Mueller isn’t testifying before the House about his two-year long investigation this week, but he is testifying soon – and it’ll be public. Moreover, Mueller will be testifying before not just one, but at least two different House committees as he lays out various aspects of what he uncovered about Donald Trump’s scandals and crimes.

That’s all according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who appeared on the Chris Hayes show on MSNBC tonight. Schiff revealed that House Democrats are deep in negotiations with Robert Mueller about testifying, and that he expects it to happen soon. Schiff said that when Mueller comes before his committee, part of his testimony will be in public and part of it will be behind closed doors. When Mueller testifies before the House Judiciary Committee, it will be entirely in public.

Schiff also confirmed what Palmer Report has been saying for the past week: there is literally no method that Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr can pursue to try to stop Robert Mueller from testifying. As we’ve spelled out, if Barr tries to order Mueller not to testify, Mueller can simply resign from the Department of Justice; Mueller’s spokesman has already announced that Mueller’s employment will be ending in the coming days, so that’s a non-issue.

Adam Schiff also revealed that in the months since he and the House Democrats took majority control, he’s been quietly taking various steps to try to force the FBI to brief him on the ongoing Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation, which is apparently ongoing, and remains separate from Mueller’s work.

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