Donald Trump tape reveals he’s nothing more than a two-bit thug

Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis says that “The only people who use cash are drug dealers and mobsters.” He couldn’t be more correct. That’s what makes it so stunning – yet not at all surprising – to hear Donald Trump on tape, instructing Cohen to pay off Trump mistress Karen McDougal in what would have been a six figure cash payment. Yet it’s clear by now that this is simply who Trump is.

Donald Trump is not some evil genius. He’s not a clever villain. He’s just a two-bit thug who does stupid things and then tries to cover them up in the most ham-handed way possible. He’s the kind of simpleton who couldn’t figure out that his own fixer was secretly recording their incriminating conversations as an insurance policy. He’s the kind of delusional buffoon who waived attorney-client privilege on this tape for no good reason, and is now probably surprised that it inevitably ended up on CNN.

Trump is also a serial sexual assaulter – and he was stupid enough to get caught confessing to it on tape. And of course Trump is a traitor – and he was stupid enough to reveal his treason during a nationally televised press conference. This guy is massively incompetent, deeply in over his head, and only being floated (for now) by a segment of bottom feeders who don’t care what an inept piece of filth he is, because he speaks directly to their racist delusions. But even that can’t prop him up forever.

Donald Trump should not be underestimated. Despite being a lazy, sloppy, low-intellect, psychologically malfunctioning stooge, he’s managed to get this far. But he’s also more deeply in over his head than perhaps any such stooge has ever been in history. This tape, in which he reveals himself as nothing more than a two-bit thug who might as well be selling fake Rolexes out of his trench coat, is just the latest reminder.

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