Twitter removes multiple Donald Trump tweets

Donald Trump tweeted a deranged video this evening, referring to the domestic terrorists who invaded the U.S. Capitol building as “special.” Twitter then locked down the tweet, preventing anyone from liking or replying to it. But now things have escalated.

Trump posted a sickening tweet saying “These are the things that happen” when the election is rigged against him. This prompted Twitter to go ahead and delete that tweet, while also deleting Trump’s video tweet. We know that these tweets were removed by Twitter, and not by Trump himself, because they’ve been replaced with a “This Tweet is no longer available” message. If Trump had deleted them himself, they would simply have vanished.


This comes amid mounting pressure on Twitter to suspend or delete Donald Trump’s account entirely. There has long been an expectation that he’ll be banned from Twitter shortly after he leaves office, due to rules violations. But we’re coming close to Trump getting banned before his term is over.

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