Donald Trump suffers surreal series of Twitter malfunctions

In the latest reminder that he’s not even bothering to try to do the job, Donald Trump appears to have spent the entirety of the past two days watching cable television and ranting about it on Twitter. That’s often par for the course when it comes to the lazy narcissist. But this weekend Trump has faced a series of Twitter malfunctions that have been surreal even by his semi-literate standards.

At one point last night Donald Trump decided that he didn’t think much of what he was hearing from MSNBC host Donny Deutsch or CNN host Erin Burnett, so he began attacking them both. In the process, Trump declared that neither of them is cutting it in “showbiz” โ€“ or at least he tried to. Instead he said they’re not cutting it in “shoebiz” โ€“ which would be something else entirely. This set off an endless series of punchlines about the shoe business across social media.

Trump did have a more upbeat moment, where he heaped praise on NBA legend Rick Barry, after Barry appeared on a Fox News show hosted by Trump’s pal Mark Levin. Unfortunately for Trump, he ended up declaring that Barry is a “backetball” player โ€“ which we presume is some kind of combination of basketball and racquetball. He also managed to tweet “shortly be the State Department” somewhere in there, and of course he unwittingly declared that the Moon is part of Mars.

What’s the point of highlighting all this? After all, Donald Trump has basic language and/or cognitive failures like this all the time. But this weekend has felt different. He seems more frantic and frazzled than ever, and in the process he’s making even more basic errors than ever. Keep in mind that this is all coming in the aftermath of Nancy Pelosi saying she wants to put Trump in prison, just as Trump’s pal was being transferred to Rikers Island. He doesn’t seem to be taking it well.

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