What the heck is going on with Donald Trump’s Twitter right now?

During the first couple days of his Florida holiday vacation, Donald Trump has tweeted very little. In fact his Twitter account has become so barren, it’s almost as if he’s given up on it. It’s left us to wonder about what might really be going on, and it raises questions about whether Trump has been doing any tweeting of his own for quite awhile now.

On Sunday, Donald Trump didn’t post his first tweet of the day until 3:18pm eastern time. After a brief angry explosion at everyone he blames for his downfall, and a few perfunctory retweets, his account once again went silent. On Saturday, Trump was just as silent. The only thing that’s changed is that Trump is now sitting around doing nothing in Florida, instead of sitting around doing nothing in Washington DC. So why would he suddenly stop tweeting almost entirely?

Think about the one thing that changes when the president travels: not everyone who’s usually around him in the White House ends up making the trip. But if the sudden absence of one of Trump’s handlers has resulted in his Twitter account grinding nearly to a halt, it would mean that prior to this Florida trip, this particular handler had been doing the vast majority of Trump’s recent tweeting for him.

In other words, it appears Donald Trump hasn’t been doing much if any tweeting of his own for quite awhile now. Maybe the handler has been helping Trump tweet, or maybe the handler has been impersonating Trump outright. Either way, if Trump is no longer even bothering to tweet, is he doing anything at all? Considering his recent unexplained hospital visit, let’s just say that this raises a lot of questions about whether Trump is still functioning on any level.

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