Twitter confirms it’s going to take @POTUS account from Donald Trump and give it to Joe Biden

Here’s a funny thing about how Twitter works when it comes to presidential politics. Donald Trump has his infamous @realdonaldtrump account, and Joe Biden has his rapidly growing in popularity @joebiden account. But there is also an official @POTUS account, which belongs to whoever is President at the time.

For instance, @POTUS first belonged to Barack Obama, but was then transferred to Donald Trump, with all of Obama’s tweets offloaded to an archive account. Twitter is now confirming tonight that the @POTUS account will be transferred to Joe Biden on Inauguration Day. This means Trump loses access to the @POTUS account whether he ever concedes or not. @VP will transfer to Kamala Harris, @FLOTUS will transfer to Dr. Jill Biden, and so on.

It’s the latest reminder that everyone is moving on from Donald Trump, whether he ever gets on board with the fact that he lost or not. After Inauguration Day, Trump will still have his @realdonaldtrump account. But Twitter has previously confirmed that Trump will lose his immunity from the Twitter terms of service, so continuing to break the rules will get him suspended and/or banned.

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