Donald Trump accidentally gets one of his own fans suspended from Twitter

Donald Trump’s negligent ineptitude as President of the United States is only rivaled by his negligent ineptitude on Twitter. Based on his tweets, you’d think he was brand new to the site, instead of having been at it for years – and you’d think he’s never so much as attended an elementary school language arts class. Today Trump found a bizarre new way to screw up on Twitter, which resulted in someone getting suspended.

It all started when Donald Trump retweeted an account that quoted Ronald Reagan as having predicted that Trump would be president someday. The trouble: Reagan never said any such thing. But that was just the beginning of the trouble, because the account in question is an impostor. Trump retweeted an obscure account called @reaganbattaiion which was rather ineptly impersonating a well-known conservative Twitter account known as @reaganbattalion.

Because that kind of impersonation is not allowed, Twitter ended up suspending the @reaganbattaiion account. This means that Trump unwittingly got one of his own sycophants kicked off Twitter just by offering praise. Rick Wilson has famously said that everything Trump touches dies, and we can’t think of a more straightforward example.

Meanwhile, as this idiocy was playing out on Twitter today, the SDNY and the FBI publicly revealed the extent of the horrifying evidence against Jeffrey Epstein, an old friend of Donald Trump who was initially let off the hook by former prosecutor Alexander Acosta, who is now Trump’s Secretary of Labor.

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