Bizarre new twist in the story of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice

Yesterday, the semi-reputable publication Daily Mail published a report claiming that that Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell had been found hiding out in the Boston area. This claim gained some credibility when the Boston Globe picked it up – even as multiple people in Maxwell’s camp denied the story, with one of them claiming she was in France. Now the story has taken a bizarre new twist.

The New York Post, another semi-reputable publication, claims that Ghislaine Maxwell has been found eating at an In-N-Out restaurant in Los Angeles. What’s more, they’ve posted a supposed photo of her at the restaurant. After having been recognized and photographed, Maxwell supposedly said “I guess this is the last time I’ll be eating here!” So what’s really going on?

There are a few things at play here. Jeffrey Epstein’s death has set off a feeding frenzy when it comes to his alleged co-conspirators, and Maxwell is front and center in that regard. So it’s a given that people are going to be keeping an eye out for her, and “finding” her in places whether it’s really her or not. Even if she is in the United States, there’s the question of why she would keep going out in public right now.

That said, the wealthy and powerful do have a unique ability to get around. Is it possible that Ghislaine Maxwell has been living in Boston, that she recently visited France, and that she headed to Los Angeles after her Boston home base was publicly outed? Absolutely. All that really matters here is whether federal authorities know how to find her. Either she’ll be indicted, or she’ll be subpoenaed to testify against Epstein’s other alleged co-conspirators. Take your pick, but it’s coming.

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