Donald Trump has had a nightmarish twenty-four hours

Despite trying to push a fake (and poorly conjured up) scandal, the Trump administration has been getting hit with some very real ones in the last 24 hours. The leaks are likely to get much worse for them in the coming weeks, particularly if former staffers become more emboldened about coming forward. Not everything revealed will necessarily be as important as what we already know and have come to expect from Donald Trump, and some stories, like Tiffany Trump’s lavish birthday amid a pandemic shutdown, could indirectly distract from more important stories that are pertinent to voters – like the unemployment report that was released on Thursday.

Donald Trump and the GOP’s latest pathetic defense is that the economy was flourishing but then COVID shut the country down, so they can’t possibly be blamed for the appalling numbers we’re seeing right now, since no one could have foreseen a once in a lifetime pandemic. The trouble is, the Trump administration had every reason to foresee this and prepare accordingly and they’re still doing all they can to downplay the seriousness of the disease. Moreover, statistics show that the economy was falling apart before COVID was a thing, and even if Donald Trump likes to show that unemployment numbers aren’t too bad for a recession, the reality is that unemployment claims have reached their highest levels since mid-August.

According to the Dept of Labor, 898,000 jobless claims were filed just last week alone – almost 70,000 more than what economists were predicting. With the colder weather, we’re likely to see cases climb and this number going up, as it’s clear that the Trump administration has no plan in sight, and aren’t even trying to show concern. This is just one of many reasons why we need to get rid of Donald Trump and the rest of his Republican enablers by November 3 and do all in our power to defeat them.

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