Donald Trump would probably like to have these tweets back about Robert Kraft and Jupiter spas

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was charged today with soliciting sex acts at a “spa” in Jupiter, Florida. The whole thing appears to involve sex slaves and a human trafficking ring, and represents a serious and horrifying human rights scandal for the women involved. Of course Kraft’s relationship to Donald Trump, and Jupiter’s proximity to Trump, have raised a whole lot of questions today.

ESPN is reporting that Robert Kraft may not even be the biggest name involved in the scandal, which strongly suggests that another shoe is about to drop. Who would count as a bigger name than the owner of a prominent NFL football team? Famous athletes, famous actors, and famous politicians could all be possibilities. But the question in the political world is, of course, whether Donald Trump is involved.

The answer for now is that we have no idea. But there are two tweets that Donald Trump would probably like to have back right about now. Trump’s supporters are already insisting on social media that Robert Kraft is some kind of Trump-hating Democrat. Of course that’s countered by Kraft’s own recent words in support of Trump. But then there’s this Trump tweet from 2015:

So much for Donald Trump and Robert Kraft not being friends. But then there’s this surreal tweet from 2014 which has been dug up today by various Twitter users:

To be clear, the Jupiter spa that Donald Trump was tweeting about is an entirely different Jupiter spa from the one where Robert Kraft was busted. They just happened to be located in the same Florida city. There is no indication that Trump’s Jupiter spa is caught up in the current takedown. But wow does this all look bad. It’s as if Trump has been helpfully drawing a roadmap for any investigators who want to dig in and figure out if Trump and/or his Jupiter spa was connected the Kraft Jupiter spa scandal. There’s a Trump tweet for every occasion.