Donald Trump posts stunningly idiotic tweet about Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory, deletes it

We’re not sure which team Donald Trump might have been rooting for in the Super Bowl. On the one hand, infamous Trump cult member Nick Bosa plays for the 49ers. On the other hand, the 49ers are from Nancy Pelosi’s home base of San Francisco, a city that Trump regularly trashes on Twitter. In any case the Kansas City Chiefs won the game, and that presented a problem for Trump, as he’s too stupid to know where the Kansas City Chiefs are from. Trump tweeted this:

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on a great game, and a fantastic comeback, under immense pressure. You represented the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA, so very well. Our Country is PROUD OF YOU!

One little problem: the Kansas City Chiefs don’t play in Kansas. They play in Kansas City, Missouri. We could excuse the average American for not knowing that, if they haven’t spent time in the region. And after all, there is a Kansas City, Missouri and a Kansas City, Kansas. But we’d hope that the President of the United States of all people would known that Kansas City, Missouri is the big one with the sports teams.

Donald Trump eventually deleted the tweet and replaced it with a new one that congratulated the people of Missouri instead. Here’s the thing. Trump is counting on voter support from midwest red states like Missouri and Kansas, yet he clearly doesn’t care the slightest bit about the region. Also, he’s stupid.

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