Turns out those claims of President Biden’s collapsing approval rating are indeed fake

Behold the lies, my friends:

“Biden’s falling polls.”

“Biden on shaky ground as poll numbers slide.”

“Biden has himself to blame for pitiful polls.”

Lies, dear readers. Pure unbridled lies.

This garbage is called fake news.

How about THIS story?

“Those of you who insisted the Quinnipiac poll was an outlier (Biden job approval 38%) have a stronger case. New CBS poll (50% approval) and Ipsos (58% approval) suggest Biden either was never at 38% or has recovered lost ground.” – Tweet by Larry Sabato, Director, UVA Center for Politics.

What is witnessed in this article is the creation of fake news. And below said creation is the REAL story. Thank you, Larry. Bet you will not hear about THESE polls in the media.

This is a warning. It’s a red alert. Fake news is alive and well and living in the paychecks of predatory pundits everywhere. Be wise. Be careful. Know when some reckless pundit is merely trying to provoke a reaction from you. Be aware.

Above all, know this:

The fake stories are not going to stop and will only get worse. Fear sells. Anguish sells. It is vitally important to see through the bullshit.


I await lovely stories from the media on Biden’s “bouncing back” even though his numbers were never that low because that poll was an outlier. But sadly, I doubt these polls will get a quarter of the attention that one poll did. Beware the fake news. Fake news are wolves in sheep’s clothing, always there to try to toy with the emotions of the American people.

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