Turns out Merrick Garland and his DOJ are being even more aggressive behind the scenes than we thought

Shortly after Derek Chauvin was convicted on all counts, Attorney General Merrick Garland launched a DOJ investigation into the entire Minneapolis Police Department, to see if Chauvin’s behavior is part of a larger institutional pattern. This pointed to Garland being aggressive as Attorney General; he could have used the guilty verdict as an excuse to simply move on, but instead he used it as an opportunity to right a wrong.

Now it turns out Garland and his DOJ are being even more aggressive than we thought. The DOJ is planning to hit Chauvin and his three fellow officers with federal criminal charges, and according to the Daily Beast, the Feds would have arrested Chauvin on the spot at the courthouse if he’d been found not guilty on the state charges.

This comes even as Merrick Garland’s DOJ has raided the homes of Trump-Ukraine scandal architects Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing. We’re now seeing a clear pattern of aggressive moves in the name of justice, on the part of Garland and his Department of Justice. Let’s hope that pattern continues.

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