Turns out Joe Biden has John Kasich up his sleeve

We’re in truly odd times. Some of the best TV ads for Joe Biden have been produced by Republican groups who are trying to get rid of Donald Trump. Now a Republican who ran for President just four years ago is set to endorse Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention.

John Kasich, the former Governor of Ohio, is set to endorse Biden during the convention. Kasich didn’t make much of a dent nationally when he ran in the 2016 Republican primary race for president – but he could help put Biden over the top in Ohio. This same AP article reveals that Kasich is one of several high profile Republicans who will campaign for Biden.

This comes after Carly Fiorina, another 2016 Republican candidate for president, endorsed Joe Biden last month. There’s no word yet on whether Fiorina will speak at the convention or campaign for Biden.


You don’t have to like or respect Kasich or Fiorina to see this kind of thing as a win for Joe Biden. There are always voters in the middle who aren’t quite sure what to make of the conflicting narratives in any given election. When they see multiple prominent members of the Republican Party endorsing the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, they may take it as a sign that there’s something very wrong with the Republican candidate.

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