Turns out Donald Trump’s anti-Twitter executive order is all about Vladimir Putin

The text of Donald Trump’s anti-Twitter executive order has been released, and it’s roughly as toothless as we expected. It gives certain federal agencies the theoretical power to step in if they feel a social network is censoring someone, but it’s not particularly actionable, and any such action wouldn’t hold up in court anyway.

What does stand out is the particular example that Donald Trump is citing in his executive order. He’s naturally pointing to his own two fact checked tweets and insisting they’re legitimate. But as a counter example he cites a recent tweet from Adam Schiff about the Trump-Russia 2016 election conspiracy, and insists it’s false and should be censored.

That’s right, even during what appears to be merely yet another infantile Trump tantrum, he’s once again trying to use it to give cover to Vladimir Putin, who is still trying to convince the world that he didn’t rig the 2016 U.S. election. Even on his way down the drain, Trump is still all about doing Putin’s bidding.

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