Turkey is bombing U.S. troops on purpose, and Senate Republicans aren’t doing a damn thing to stop Donald Trump from letting it happen

Earlier this week I spelled out why I believe Senate Republicans are loudly voicing their opposition to Donald Trump’s northern Syria debacle, but not doing anything to stop it. They know Trump is an albatross at this point, and they’d rather get rid of him before his toxic unpopularity ends up costing them their own seats in 2020 – but they don’t want to face the wrath of Trump’s base in the process.

So the Senate Republicans are letting Donald Trump hang himself on Syria, which will then allow them to announce that they have no choice but to oust him, because he’s gone completely barking mad in a way that got a whole bunch of Kurdish U.S. allies murdered. The GOP Senate is being complicit in mass murder, of course, but since when has that stopped them? The thing is, things are taking an even darker turn in Syria right now.

Turkish forces have begun “executing” the Kurds, as expected, according to NBC’s Richard Engel. But it turns out the Turkish bombs that nearly hit U.S. troops the other day weren’t dropped by accident. According to Foreign Policy’s Lara Seligman, U.S. officials are confirming that Turkey dropped those bombs on purpose, in the hope of driving the remaining U.S. troops out of their positions. It’s not enough that Turkey is getting to seize Kurdish land and massacre the Kurds; Turkey is now committing overt acts of war against the United States.

The U.S. military is now under attack by one of its own NATO allies, and Donald Trump is – naturally – doing nothing to try to stop it. That’s to be expected; he’ll end up dying in a prison cell anyway. But the Senate Republicans could stop this right now by threatening to oust Trump unless he tells Turkey to call off the dogs – and they’re clearly not doing it. At this point the Senate Republicans are complicit in mass murder, and complicit in blocking the U.S. military from fighting back while it’s under attack – and they need to be criminally indicted for it when this all over.

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