Thanks, Tucker Carlson!

Nearly every night he’s on the air, Fox News host Tucker Carlson does demonstrable harm to America. He delivers a toxic dose of sexism and racism, which encourages people out there to be more sexist and racist. He also delivers a large heaping of fake news aimed at propping up Donald Trump’s dying presidency. But last night Carlson did us all a favor.

Donald Trump has been caught corruptly withholding military aid from Ukraine, which it desperately needs in its fight to defend itself against Russia. Trump did this to try to force Ukraine to help him rig the 2020 election against Joe Biden, which is a felony. But Trump was also rather obviously trying to help Russia, because he’s a Russian asset. Anyone who closely follows the news is aware of this. But it can be a tough sell to the average American who doesn’t like Trump, but doesn’t want to believe that the President of the United States is literally a Kremlin spy.

But last night Tucker Carlson got carried away. He started off trying to minimize the extent of Donald Trump’s crime spree by insisting that he doesn’t care if Trump’s antics could have ended up causing Ukraine to lose to Russia. But then he got so lost in his own haze of indignation, he blurted out that he was rooting for Russia to defeat Ukraine. In that moment, Carlson exposed himself as being fully loyal to Russia, at the expense of the United States and its allies.

Tucker Carlson’s audience consists of the lowest of scumbags and lost souls, and they’re just going to keep swallowing every horrible thing he dishes out. But they’re irrelevant, because we already know how they’re going to vote. The people who matter in an election are the ones whose votes are not yet assured. Those are the people that any solid pundit or activist tries to reach if they’re truly trying to make a difference. But they’re also the people who are never quite sure which side to believe.


But Tucker Carlson just made it easy for people like me. If I want to convince an undecided or moderate or nonpolitical person that Carlson’s side of the fence is woefully, shamefully, treasonously in the wrong, all I have to do is show them the video of Carlson blurting out that he’s rooting for Russia to destroy Ukraine. That’s enough to disqualify everything else that Carlson and his ilk have to say. This idiot just made it so much easier to show the people in the middle which is the “good” side and “bad” side of the current political landscape. Thanks, Tucker Carlson!

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