Tucker Carlson now claims his Hunter Biden evidence was stolen in the mail

Now that the general public has thoroughly rejected the “Hunter Biden laptop” conspiracy theory, the people behind the phony story are going to increasingly deranged lengths to try to make it stick. Tucker Carlson in particular has begun hyping the fake scandal into lunatic territory.

The trouble is, the whole thing is still falling apart. Now Carlson appears to be trying to cover his tracks. In an unwittingly hilarious development, he’s claiming that his precious Hunter Biden evidence was somehow stolen while it was being mailed across the country:

There are almost no words for how absurd this is. Tucker Carlson wants us to believe that someone somehow knew enough to steal this evidence while it was inside a shipping envelope, as if it had a “secret Hunter Biden laptop evidence” sticker on the outside of it. This is deranged even for Fox News.

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