Tucker Carlson has astoundingly deranged meltdown about women in the military

Even within the Fox News realm, where false information is the norm and patently offensive views are celebrated, Tucker Carlson is off the charts when it comes to how awful he is. Since Trump left office and Fox has struggled in the ratings, Carlson has become even more of a monster.

Tucker Carlson has now apparently decided that women shouldn’t serve in the U.S. military, because they could become pregnant. No really, the clown said this. He claimed that this is somehow causing the U.S. to fall behind China, and that it’s all President Biden’s fault:

To be clear, Carlson is doing this on purpose. His ratings are down, and he thinks he can turn them around by being so over-the-top offensive that people can’t look away. But we think this should be the final straw that costs him the last of his advertisers. Enough is enough.

Even Fox News needs to have standards, low as they may be. Tucker Carlson is belittling the women in the United States who are brave and selfless enough to serve in the military to protect the rest of that us. We’re simply not going to stand for that.

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