Trump stooge Larry Elder cuts and runs

Who could forget the California recall election where the Republican candidate Mr. Larry Elder went off the rails in perhaps one of the wildest and most bizarre campaigns in modern memory? He lost, of course. And he lost by so much that I think we can call it a California wipe-out.

Elder was not a happy camper, but that’s what happens to strange candidates who attempt a run in liberal California like it’s Mississippi or Arkansas.

But Elder left the door open for a future run. And now there is some news on that. Larry Elder has announced he will not challenge Governor Newsom in 2022 in another run at being Governor. I guess making a fool of oneself once was enough for Elder.

But Elder’s strange behavior has not left him. It might have taken a break, but it is still right there, evidenced on “The issue” where Elder joined Elex Michaelson to discuss — Elder.

Only he referred to himself in the third person. “Larry Elder is only a pawn in the game of life,” Elder declared creepily.

Small aside: One of my pet peeves is people who refer to themselves in the third person. Perhaps it’s just me, but I find it very strange. “There won’t be a rematch,” Elder went on.

Elder also added these hysterical words about Newsom: “I’m sure he’s breathing a sigh of relief.”

Really? Because I’m pretty sure Newsom hasn’t given you a second thought, Elder. Not that I know for sure, of course. But Elder did not rule out someday returning to politics.

“I have no idea how my future holds,” Elder went on introspectively. “If the phone rings, I’m going to answer it.”

Larry, I do not think anyone in politics is knocking down the doors for you.

“I enjoyed campaigning, far more than I thought I would.”

That’s good. We, the American people, did not enjoy watching you.

“With all due respect, I thought I was pretty good at it.”

That last line alone should be enough for anyone to conclude that Elder’s grip on reality is sort of in the same place as Lindsey Graham’s.


All I can say about Elder is congratulations on not running and missing another embarrassing loss in the great state of California.

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