Trump reportedly schemed to make sure no one was at the White House to let President Biden in on inauguration day

On inauguration day it was widely reported that President Biden had fired the White House usher who had been installed by the Trumps four years earlier. Now a very different version of the story is emerging, and it’s petty beyond words.

Now the National Journal is reporting that it was actually the Trumps who fired the White House usher on their way out the door, and it was done specifically to make sure there would be no one there to greet the Bidens when they first arrived. This story has also since been picked up by Yahoo News.

Strangely, the usher was reportedly a Trump loyalist, but liked his job, and was hoping to keep it after Trump left. This means that Trump apparently fired one of his own loyalists just to stick it to Biden.

This also means that Trump and/or his people apparently falsely leaked that President Biden had fired the usher, in an attempt at creating some kind of scandal for him. This whole thing is yet another reminder of why it’s such a good thing that the last guy is gone, and that Joe Biden is now running the country.

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