Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis freaks out after realizing she’s in real trouble

Back when Jenna Ellis publicly distanced herself from the likes of Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, and other Trump election lawyers, it appeared she’d managed to insulate herself from the election fraud that they went on to commit. But now, new evidence suggests that Ellis could be in more trouble than any of them.

Politico is reporting that Jenna Ellis authored two memos claiming that then-Vice President Mike Pence could somehow overthrow the 2020 election results. Not only were these memos inaccurate, they were arguably an instruction manual on how to commit felony election tampering.

Ellis responded to the news by tweeting this: “Wondering how @politico thinks it’s responsible or ethical journalism to publish attorney-client privileged documents. They admit they are the first to publish in their entirety the two Ellis memos, which both have the banner ‘ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGED.’ Trump hatred persists.”

Ellis’ freak-out on Twitter suggests that she’s concerned about where this may be heading. Notably, Ellis is not refuting that she wrote the memos, and instead appears to be acknowledging their authenticity. As for attorney-client privilege, that doesn’t apply if the attorney and client are plotting criminal activity together. So if the legal system does end up deciding that these memos were part of a criminal election tampering plot, they would be allowed as evidence at trial.

Last month it was reported that the DOJ has had Sidney Powell under grand jury investigation for months, in relation to her 2020 election overthrow antics. While there’s no known DOJ investigation into Jenna Ellis, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t investigating her.


In the meantime, the January 6th Committee has already reportedly targeted communications that Jenna Ellis may have had with Steve Bannon. Based on this new reporting, it seems a given that the committee will subpoena Ellis for documents and testimony – and as usual, if she doesn’t cooperate she’ll be referred for criminal contempt. Trump’s people are increasingly finding themselves in no-win situations of their own making, and Ellis seems to be just the latest.

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