Trump and his goons are already running and hiding from Rudy Giuliani’s implosion

Now that the Feds have raided Rudy Giuliani’s home and called his associates to testify against him to a grand jury, it’s clear that Giuliani will be indicted and arrested. Considering the threshold required to obtain a warrant to raid someone’s home, it’s clear that the Feds already had enough evidence to convict Giuliani before they even raided him.

Now comes the question of whether Rudy Giuliani is delusional enough to think he can beat the charges at trial, or whether he’ll end up cutting a plea deal and flip on everyone he knows. Here’s the thing about Rudy: even though he’s clearly falling apart mentally and cognitively, he’s the kind of creep who has spent his career collecting dirt on his political friends – which is why they all remain friends with him. Rudy even admitted this himself, once quipping that he had “insurance” in case Trump tried to throw him under the bus.

In other words, Rudy can take a whole lot of people down if he wants to, or if he decides he needs to. And, as Michael Cohen pointed out this week, Rudy has become such a sloppy senile henchman, his electronic communications will likely end up taking down a lot of corrupt people even if he doesn’t rat them out voluntarily. They should all be panicking.

We saw the first hint of this when Donald Trump passed up the opportunity to distance himself from Rudy this week, and instead issued a statement kissing Rudy’s butt. The title of the statement might as well have been “Rudy, please don’t flip on me!”

Then yesterday Chris Christie made a point of publicly defending Rudy Giuliani. Why would he do this? Now that Christie has a cushy ABC News political analyst job, he’s made a point of trying to sound reasonable, even to the point of sometimes criticizing his friend Trump. But Christie is making a point of defending an obviously guilty Rudy of all people? Rudy must have some kind of dirt on Christie.

We’re going to see more of this from the people who have spent the past several years in Rudy Giuliani’s orbit. The ones who are clean and have nothing to fear from Rudy will naturally condemn him for the deranged criminal that he is. The ones who publicly kiss Rudy’s butt are the ones who are afraid of the dirt that Rudy has on them.

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