Donald Trump just landed the trifecta

In politics, some scandals will get you in more trouble than others. And depending on what kind of candidate you are to begin with, the same scandal will get some candidates in more trouble than others. But there are a handful of scandals that always spell trouble for a candidate:

1) The perception that the candidate has issues that are affecting his or her cognitive abilities

2) The candidate is facing criminal indictment

3) The candidate is seen as not supporting the troops

Now think about Donald Trump’s week. He had to deny having had a stroke, and most people don’t believe him, because he keeps displaying physical and cognitive difficulties in his public appearances. His lawyers are in court, sparring with the New York District Attorney and grand jury who are in the process of indicting him. And his disparaging remarks about the troops are dominating the headlines.

We’ll see what kind of impact this trifecta ends up having on the race – but it’s one of the worst weeks that an incumbent president seeking reelection has ever had. In the meantime, as Donald Trump is forced to spend all his time trying to wade through these scandals, let’s focus on voter registration and turnout and run up the score against him.

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