Trey Gowdy just said something that Donald Trump is going to hate

As impeachment has gained steam over the past couple weeks, Donald Trump’s strategy for fighting back has largely consisted of attacking House Democrats for daring to hold closed door hearings, and trying to hire GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy as his defense attorney. To give you an idea of just how poorly this is all going for Trump, these two storylines just crashed into each other.

It was bad enough for Donald Trump that he tried to hire Trey Gowdy as his new lawyer, right around the time that his existing lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s associates were being arrested. Things got even worse for Trump when it was revealed that Gowdy can’t join his legal team until next year, if ever. Now that whole Gowdy thing has gotten even worse for Trump.

Trump is so married to the narrative that he’s being targeted by evil secret underground impeachment hearings, he sent his House GOP allies into a secure SCIF room in what turned out to be one of the dumbest protest stunts of all time. This led a number of observers to point out that back in 2015, Trey Gowdy adamantly defended the GOP’s use of closed-door investigative hearings. That’s kind of rough, considering Gowdy is almost sorta kinda maybe not really Trump’s lawyer.

On Sunday morning, Trey Gowdy appeared on Face The Nation for some reason, knowing full well that he’d get asked about this. Sure enough, Gowdy made a point of saying that House Democrats are “a hundred percent” correct for holding closed door hearings. Gowdy did then go on to criticize Adam Schiff for holding press conferences, which makes no sense, considering Schiff hasn’t revealed the specifics of the testimony during his press conferences. But the bottom line is this: Gowdy just shot down Trump’s primary impeachment defense, and Trump is going to hate that.

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