Donald Trump just jumped the treason shark

You can’t mention the word “treason” without commenters coming out of the woodwork to debate the legal and technical definition of the word. But in the context of Donald Trump’s downfall, that’s neither here nor there. What matters is how the average American – in the court of public opinion – views the concept of treason. And in that regard, Trump just jumped the shark.

The trouble with the Mueller report is that it documented hundreds of pages of Donald Trump’s people colluding with the Russian government in ways which could not possibly have been above board – but there was no smoking gun. Moreover, no one outside of the politically dedicated crowd bothered to read it, and Mueller’s testimony didn’t have the impact some were hoping. But now we’re looking at something entirely different.

We have a specific instance of Donald Trump picking up the phone and calling a foreign leader who was very likely Vladimir Putin, and making a promise involving classified information that was so disturbing, someone in Trump’s own regime felt compelled to file a whistleblower report against him. Now someone involved with that report has felt compelled to leak its true horrifying nature to the media.


There’s a whistleblower report out there that can end Donald Trump. It can get him convicted of treason in the court of public opinion, if not a court of law. Trump has committed plenty of felonies in plain view as it is; they just haven’t been the kind that can take him down. This act of treason doesn’t have to be a felony to take him down. It just has to be seen as one by a majority of Americans.

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