Senate Democrats set a trap for Donald Trump, and he walked right into it

Senate Democrats may not have the majority, but they still get time to ask questions during public hearings. During yesterday’s Senate Intel Committee hearings, they used their time to set a rather basic trap for Donald Trump. Today, Trump promptly and eagerly walked right into that trap, leaving him with egg all over his face.

Yesterday the Senate Intel Committee brought in the FBI Director, NSA Director, and Director of National Intelligence for what should have been a routine periodic Q&A session about the state of international security. The Democrats on the committee used their time to simply ask these U.S. intel leaders questions that lined up with the various lies Donald Trump has told about certain foreign nations.

Even though these intel community leaders are all Trump appointees, they’re not willing to get in legal trouble for lying to Congress, so they stated the truth: North Korea is a bigger threat than ever, ISIS is still dangerous, and Iran is fully complying with the peace deal that Trump ripped up. Of course none of this lines up with the lies that Trump keeps pushing. It was bait, and Trump couldn’t help taking it.

This morning Donald Trump went utterly berserk about the U.S. intel community, attacking it in juvenile fashion and insisting that intel community leaders “go back to school.” Trump’s meltdown turned what would have been largely-ignored Senate hearings into a huge scandal for himself. The Democrats set a trap, and Trump walked right into it.