Donald Trump’s town hall is an absolute disaster

Donald Trump has long made it abundantly clear that he only likes holding rallies where his own fawning idiot supporters hang on his every incoherent word. He clearly doesn’t enjoy events like town halls, where he has to answer questions and try to win over people who aren’t already drooling on him. Trump half heartedly did a town hall tonight, and in hindsight he’d have been better off not doing it.

For instance, Trump tried to push the notion that coronavirus will be cured by herd immunity – a notion that every respectable scientist says is impractical with this virus. That was bad enough, but Trump ended up saying “herd mentality” instead, in the latest reminder that he should stop making fun of Joe Biden for occasionally misspeaking.

But the truly ugly moments in the town hall came when Trump was asked specific policy questions. For instance, he ended up going on a long rant about how waiters are supposedly opposed to wearing masks. He went into great detail with his imaginary story, even insisting that a waiter was playing with his mask while serving him the other day. Exactly what restaurant was Trump recently eating in? We all know this story didn’t happen. Trump was sniffing the entire time he gave this answer, and frankly, it was so far off the rails, it felt like a 25th Amendment moment.

Perhaps most damningly, when Donald Trump was trying to address his own dishonest approach to the coronavirus, the best excuse he could come up with was that a lot of other people also supposedly got it wrong. Well, none of them are President of the United States. Trump is taking no responsibility for his actions, which is another reason why he must be voted out.

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