No one knows whether or not the United States is pulling its troops out of Iraq. It’s not just the public and the media who don’t know. No one in the Trump regime seems to know whether or not we’re pulling out, either. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should know these things, right? He announced this week that “nobody’s leaving” Iraq.

But then today, Donald Trump said that he’s “okay” with leaving Iraq, according to CNN’s Manu Raju. Will which one is it? Are we pulling out of Iraq or not? Are we “okay” with leaving, or are we definitely not leaving? Either the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is confused, or the President of the United States is confused, and there isn’t even any semblance of the two of them trying to publicly get on the same page.

Then there’s the matter of Soleimani’s supposedly imminent attack on a U.S. embassy. Thus far this week the Donald Trump regime has taken the position that it couldn’t reveal anything about the supposed embassy attack, then the position that it was the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, then the position that it was four unnamed U.S. embassies. This whole thing was clearly a lie to begin with, but Trump and his people can’t even get their lies straight.

The Trump regime is now in total chaos, as tends to be the case when the President of the United States is an erratic, unstable, increasingly mentally vacant individual who has the power to give military orders but not the mental competence to tie his own shoelaces. Something has to give, and soon.

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