Top Republicans lash out at Donald Trump for screwing them over

Here’s the thing. Donald Trump has lost and everyone knows it, likely even him. If he cared about his country, or about anyone but himself, he’d graciously concede and move on. Instead he’s dragging out a contested election process that has literally 0.0% chance of succeeding, just because he’s angry that he lost. If you’re annoyed by this nonsense, you’re not the only one.

It turns out top Republicans aren’t real happy that Trump is forcing the agenda to be about his sore loser pity party, when they want it to be about the Georgia runoff races instead. One of them is telling Axios that Trump’s contested election stunt is a “gigantic waste of time,” and another is lamenting that Trump couldn’t care less about how the runoff elections go. But why would he? Trump cares as little about the Republican Party as he does about anyone else. He knows he’s going down, so he’s not going to try to save the GOP either.

Right now Trump is probably hiding under his desk, binge eating tide pods, trying to remember his Twitter password, gullibly believing that Bill Barr’s latest fake probe is going to get further than his last six fake probes, and wondering why none of his friends are taking his calls anymore. The Republicans put this guy in office, and now that they’re in a jam, they’re suddenly upset that he won’t lift a finger to help them on his way to prison. Go figure.

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