Donald Trump just took the bait

Hillary Clinton once famously warned us all that someone like Donald Trump, whom you can bait with a tweet, isn’t fit to be President of the United States. Now that Trump inexplicably and illegitimately is President of the United States, this particular weakness of his is being used to take him down.

Yesterday, Republican Senator Mitt Romney publicly condemned Donald Trump’s attempt at getting China to help him rig the 2020 election, calling it “appalling.” Whatever you think of Romney (he’s always been financially corrupt but we’re pretty sure he’s never committed treason), he’s no dummy. Romney knew that Trump would attack him in response, so when you consider how blatant Romney was in doing it, it’s not difficult to figure out that Romney was counting on Trump attacking him.

After all, Romney’s stock has spent all day going up in the eyes of mainstream Americans, which is something, considering how poorly his failed 2012 presidential campaign has come to be viewed in hindsight, and how unimpressive his current tenure in the Senate has been up to the point. In fact Trump is taking his attacks on Romney so far today, he’s handing Romney a major platform from which to deliver his anti-Trump message going forward.

Donald Trump has called Mitt Romney a “pompous ass,” he’s falsely claimed that voters in Utah have told him they regret voting for Romney, and he’s called for Romney’s impeachment. Not only is Trump taking the bait, he’s going so incredibly overboard, it’s playing right into Romney’s hands. Romney is playing Trump like a fiddle. Now we’ll see which other Republican Senators decide to try to rehabilitate their own reputations by playing Trump in the same way.

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