This is all too ridiculous to be real

It’s only Wednesday, but time in Trumpland is similar to that of time in dog years. If real life were a novel, I would have made a swap in my Audible account by now. There is just too much going on, and in a novel, I am only willing to suspend my disbelief for a story that at least seems possible. In this case, reality is just too ridiculous to be real.

Visually, the image of the sweat pouring down the face of Matt Whitaker seems to sum it all up best. While it reminded me of myself in the Orlando heat in August, that kind of dripping is not normal in a super air-conditioned room. Was Mr. Whitaker, the most unqualified Acting Attorney General of all time, sweating profusely because his boss, the most corrupt and inept POTUS in all history, demanded that he go before the press and make a false and misleading statement about the state of the Mueller investigation?

It is impossible for us to do anything but speculate at this time. It does, however, feel as though something big is about to blow, like the entire Trump Administration is in this giant Instant Pot with the pressure on high. Even Fox News is no longer a consistent ally, leading Trump to post a nasty tweet about them.

Roger Stone has been indicted and is all over the media suggesting that the Mueller probe is “a speeding bullet headed for [Trump’s] head.” Trump should not be taking solace in Stone’s repeated claims of loyalty to him. Considering his character, and some one on one time with Mueller, Stone might be more likely to act like a canary than Trump might hope. Chris Christie is out there with a new book, rebranding his own image at the Trump regime’s expense.

As if this weren’t enough, we are all watching in real time as Putin’s state sponsored media is revealing additional details about the duration and frequency of the Putin-Trump meetings. Is this a threat? Are these veiled implications the reason that Trump walked out of the Helsinki meeting looking like a punished child? From the outside, it seems that the pressure cooker is going to explode and the cleanup won’t be pretty.