Too late Donald, the barn door is open

For all his bluster and erraticism, one of Donald Trump’s most consistent traits is that he waits to take action until it’s too late to matter. He’ll hem and haw about firing someone who’s a threat to him, only to finally do it long after the moment of relevance has passed. He was also infamously late to the United States coronavirus response.

Now it turns out Donald Trump is too late on something that’s hitting home for him – literally. There is now a coronavirus outbreak inside the White House, and while the Trump regime is only officially admitting to a handful of cases, one report says that the White House outbreak is “rampant.” This isn’t surprising, considering the visible lack of masks and social distancing within the White House.

Now, as of today, the Trump regime is finally instructing all White House employees to wear masks. This is the right move, but it’s one that Donald Trump should have made in March or April, not in May. As is so often the case, Trump is closing the barn door long after the horse has bolted. This might slow down the White House outbreak, but it’s not going to stop it. No one in that building is safe at this point.

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