Donald Trump now says it’s all “too inconvenient” for him

Despite running his 2016 campaign on chants of “Lock Her Up” and a platform that consisted of promises to further investigate Hillary Clinton for using a private server for her emails, Donald Trump now feels that it’s “too inconvenient” to be troubled with using properly secured cellphones and refuses to destroy his “Twitter phone” each month.

It’s often stated that any claim of impropriety made by Trump often turns out to be pure projection, and we discover that he was actually the one guilty of that very claim. The hypocrisy of this administration, and the entire Republican Party for that matter, would be laughable if not for it being so infuriating. Perhaps because President Barack Obama diligently replaced his phones every thirty days, Trump wants to do the opposite purely out of spite. While that’s often the case when Trump makes decisions in an attempt to undo Obama’s amazing legacy, it seems that this time it’s simply out of pure lethargy and laziness.

Another difference between Obama’s phone protocol and that of Trump is that Obama made sure not to utilize phones that had cameras or microphones, to ensure that hackers could not access top secret information. It seems that the one thing Trump is doing correctly in regards to phone safety is that he does not use the GPS function, but that’s most likely so the press is not aware of all the times he sneaks off to the golf course during Executive Time.

During a 2016 campaign speech in which Trump incredulously called Clinton “the most corrupt person to ever run for president” he stated: “Her server was easily hacked by foreign governments, perhaps even by her financial backers in communist China – sure they have it – putting all of America and our citizens in danger, great danger.”

So if Donald Trump really was that concerned about a former Secretary of State possessing information that could possibly be hacked, one would think a sitting president would be even more prudent in protecting state secrets. But this is the same guy who gave top secret military information to the Russians while standing in the Oval Office, so it really doesn’t seem like security was the real reason for those “Lock Her Up” chants. Soon we’ll all be able to bring those chants back with just a slight change.

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