The real reason Devin Nunes is toast

In the action movies, it’s always the stupid and confused guy who goes down first, and he never does seem to understand why he’s going down. The tricky part in the saga of Donald Trump’s demise is that there are so many stupid and confused people in on it. But yesterday Devin Nunes stepped up and reminded us that he’s stupid even by Trumpian standards – and then today he reminded us of it yet again.

By now you’ve heard about the secret recording of Devin Nunes which reveals that he’s still carrying on with the fantasy of impeaching and removing Rod Rosenstein, he thinks Donald Trump’s tweets are cringeworthy, and he thinks some of Trump’s people committed crimes in the Trump-Russia scandal. He was dumb enough to say this to a donor at a fundraiser, while someone else was in the room with a recording device who apparently didn’t like him very much. But today took the cake.

Here is Devin Nunes’ response today to the leaked tape: nothing. No interviews, no official statement, not even a tweet. The other House GOP member caught up in the tape, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who has had a much lower national profile up to this point, at least had the sense to put out a statement supporting Mueller while criticizing Rosenstein. It’s silly and it won’t gain her any points, but at least she’s trying to take control of the narrative forming around her.

In contrast, Devin Nunes is sitting back and allowing the media to tell the public exactly what Nunes said on that tape, and just how ugly it is for him, without even trying to jump in and control the message. Considering that Nunes probably committed another act of obstruction of justice on this tape, you’d think he might want to weigh in. Nunes is a deer in the headlights. It’s as if he’s just sitting around, waiting to be finished off by an indictment.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report