Donald Trump’s tiny desk debacle is even uglier than you think

Of all the many valid reasons to mock and belittle Donald Trump, his weight isn’t one of them. But even though I have no interest in making fun of him for being obese, here’s what I don’t get. Why would his handlers put a 330 pound guy at a child’s desk? Did they hope no one would notice? Were there no adult desks available? Was this event not originally supposed to be for the cameras? What happened here?

This matters in the sense that it raises serious questions about Donald Trump’s headspace, as well as whether anyone who’s left around him still cares one way or the other. What we saw today was comically amateur hour even for the Trump regime. And just how far gone is Trump that he didn’t hesitate when they told him to sit down at a miniature desk?

Donald Trump’s increasing anger and small mindedness, combined with his handlers’ worsening ineptitude, set up a situation where he was sitting at a toddler’s desk while yelling around “Don’t talk to me that way, I’m the President of the United States” at a reporter. His handlers might as well have put a pacifier in his mouth for effect. Bring on President Biden, this Trump show is getting old.

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