Robert Mueller’s timing just took a turn for the remarkable

Robert Mueller’s prosecution is preparing to rest its case this week in the Paul Manafort trial. Based on feedback Palmer Report has received from legal experts and the speed at which the judge is moving things along, we expect Manafort will be convicted within the next two weeks. What’s remarkable is what all else this is lining up with in the overall Trump-Russia scandal. In fact the timing appears to be telegraphing how Mueller soon plans to pull all of this together.

The conviction of Manafort, who at one point was the highest ranking person in the Donald Trump campaign, will go a long way to solidifying Mueller’s footing going forward. Donald Trump can’t get anywhere yelling “Witch Hunt” after his own campaign chairman has been convicted by a judge and jury. It’ll set Mueller up to begin making all kinds of moves without any fear of reprisal. He’s now telegraphing those moves.

This evening we learned from MSNBC’s Ari Melber that Mueller is moving to subpoena Randy Credico in the grand jury proceedings against Roger Stone and Julian Assange. Credico appears to be the last piece of that particular puzzle. So we’re now looking at Mueller arresting Stone and seeking the extradition of Assange right after Manafort is convicted. Throw in Ecuador’s recent decision to hand Assange over to the British, who are likely willing to hand him over to Mueller, and you see how this is all fitting together.

On top of it all, we’ve got Robert Mueller closing in on trying to force Donald Trump into testifying. This can’t all be some grand coincidence. Mueller has been timing everything so that he can start firing in all directions the minute Manafort’s conviction has been announced. We’re in for a historic month of August.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report