Time’s up, Steve Bannon

When fear rears its ugly head, it isn’t pretty. Fear is like a snowstorm – it engulfs, and it glistens –, and when it appears, many can recognize it. I’m looking at YOU, Steve Bannon.

Yes, Mr. Bannon has made his fear known. And this shows the cowardly Bannon knows he is in a game of chess he can’t win. Bannon — or rather Bannon’s attorney — has reached out to the January 6 committee, asking them not to go forward on the contempt of court referral. Checkmate.

Bannon and his attorney want a week to chat with the committee so “we might thoughtfully assess the impact of this pending legislation.” Oh, dear. When fear surfaces, it is never a pretty sight. Sadly for Bannon, the January 6 committee has denied his hysterical last-minute request.

Bennie Thompson, the committee chairman, refused, saying any further delay by Bannon “undermines the ability of the committee to timely complete its essential responsibilities.”

This was nothing but a cheap ploy on Bannon’s part. What could they have talked about in this extra week they seek? Perhaps they could have spoken of gardening or the latest Quentin Tarantino film. The fact is there isn’t anything to discuss, and Bannon knows that.


This is psychological warfare, and Bannon just blinked — hard. But luckily, we have a committee that can see right through his bullshit. Sorry Bannon, but your latest ploy just fell apart. You are going to be held in contempt. Deal with it.

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