“Tim Apple” is back

Of all the stupid, incoherent, ignorant, potentially senile things that Donald Trump has said since illegitimately taking office, “Tim Apple” – in mistaken reference to Apple CEO Tim Cook – might be one of the most infamous. This evening, Tim Apple made a comeback. Well, sort of.

This evening Donald Trump tweeted “Having dinner tonight with Tim Cook of Apple. They will be spending vast sums of money in the U.S. Great!” If you saw this tweet and immediately predicted that “Tim Apple” would start trending on Twitter even though Trump didn’t get it wrong this time, sure enough, you were right.

Everyone misspeaks, slips up, or says something idiotic from time to time. But Donald Trump does it all the time. Earlier today, he insisted that Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s grandmother doesn’t like her very much, while he was apparently in the middle of a war briefing. Yesterday we learned that he tried to buy Greenland. Last week he gave a smiling “thumbs up” while posing for a photo with a baby whose parents had just been murdered by one of his white supremacist supporters. Before that he misspelled his own name.

As for Donald Trump’s meeting tonight with Tim Cook, we doubt it’ll go the way Trump is hoping. Apple is surely every bit as opposed to Trump’s idiotic tariffs as everyone else is. But hey, at least we all got to laugh at Trump over his humiliating “Tim Apple” flub again. Sometimes laughter is the best we’ve got.

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