Hey Rudy Giuliani, does that come with tights and a cape?

Richard Nixon’s White House Counsel John Dean has been remembered so thoroughly by history as a hero for helping to take Nixon down in the end, it’s been largely forgiven and forgotten that Dean was a key criminal co-conspirator in the Watergate scandal to begin with. There are a number of former Donald Trump devotees who now seem to be competing for the John Dean role of the Trump-Russia scandal. But Rudy Giuliani may end up stealing the role entirely by accident.

I’m being facetious, of course. No one is going to remember Rudy Giuliani as some kind of hero. He’s a dastardly criminal and a pathetic buffoon, and that image is being further cemented into history every time he opens his mouth. But Rudy might well be remembered for unintentionally playing a key role in taking Donald Trump down.

There are those who believe that Rudy is frantically trying to take Trump down from within, before the investigation can circle back to Rudy’s own role. There are others who believe that Rudy has simply gone senile, and that he honestly believes he’s doing a good job with his spittle-filled defense of Trump. Take your pick. Either way, whether because he’s cracked under the pressure or because his mind has simply slipped away, Rudy is now doing an almost superhero-level job of sabotaging Trump.

Over the weekend, Rudy Giuliani posted this tweet, which stopped mid-sentence: “Stay tuned as the Cohen-Davis team is rumored to be getting ready to release more surreptitiously recorded conversations. By the time Davis is” – and then he never did finish it. Then he went on television and directly contradicted his own unfinished thought. The next morning he simply tweeted “You” and no one knows why. This comes after he’s confessed to Trump’s crimes and steered Trump toward one terrible legal decision after another. We’re tempted to ask if that superhuman level of incompetence comes with tights and a cape.

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