Here comes the tidal wave of House committee testimony, and it’s all landing on Donald Trump’s head

This week, even as Donald Trump was at the border trying to gin up support for his imaginary national emergency, the House Oversight Committee and Michael Cohen were busy stealing headlines by announcing when Cohen plans to publicly testify before the committee about Trump’s crimes. As it turns out, Cohen is far from the only one on the testimony docket.

Because the Democrats now control every House committee, they’re divvying up Donald Trump’s scandals so they can pursue them all at once. Even as the House Oversight Committee prepares to dive in with voluntary testimony from Michael Cohen, the House Intelligence Committee is going in a different direction. According to Congresswoman Jackie Speier, its first subpoena is being sent to Donald Trump Jr – and while he won’t want to testify, he can be arrested if he fails to show up, or if he refuses to give any cooperative answers. There’s more.

Jerry Nadler and his House Judiciary Committee have decided that their first subpoena is going to Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. He won’t want to testify either, but he won’t have a choice, unless he’d rather sit in a jail cell for contempt of Congress. But this is just what’s been revealed thus far.

This week Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who is knee deep in Trump’s financial crimes, voluntarily testified behind closed doors about Trump-Russia scandals. House Democrats publicly stated that Mnuchin gave terrible, uncooperative answers. That means it’s a near certainty that the House will quickly subpoena Mnuchin to come back and testify again, this time in public, and this time under threat of contempt of Congress. The tidal wave of testimony is just beginning.