Tick Tock, Matt Gaetz!

While we now have to endure dog-charity rip-off artist Lara Trump interview her father-in-law, the former guy, on Fox News, Facebook is having none of it. It’s telling that Republicans are more upset over Facebook’s corporate choice to remove the interview than they were over Trump expressing his love for the Capitol rioters.

But, of course, Mitch McConnell wants the only corporate choice to be, “Shut up and hand us your money.” He and his kind immorally fought for corporations to be regarded as people, so now that’s what they get, persons who have the right to stand by their consumers. And speaking of standing by your consumers, was that a Diet Coke in the picture of Trump behind his desk at Mar-A-Lago?

While the clock ticks on Gaetz’s inevitable arrest, he is going full MAGA at a women’s event at Mar-A-Lago in spite of being denied a pardon by the former guy. We suspect he just needs a platform to proclaim his innocence, and that’s great. Go full tilt at the windmill, Don Quixote. Nobody believes your ID story as your excuse for being in Greenberg’s office after hours which just happens to be inconveniently 400 miles away from your own.


We can now rest easy that the good guys are at work in the White House, steering our country forward again, but there’s still a lot of work to be done from punishing the last administration’s Hatch Act violators to putting the traitors who sold us out to Russia in prison for life. Know that just because it’s quiet and Biden is doing his job doesn’t mean there isn’t a team of prosecutors going about their business of locking these criminals up. Hang tight. It’s coming.

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