Hey Donald Trump, tick tock!

Despite having only been in politics for a relatively short period of time, Donald Trump is already by far the most scandal-plagued politician in American history (he did tell us we’d get tired of winning). Now he’s facing some of his ugliest scandals yet, such as his military scandal and his coronavirus scandal.

This has led a lot of observers to ask if these new scandals are going to have any negative impact on Donald Trump’s poll numbers, considering how scandal-prone this guy has been all along. If his Russia scandal, porn star scandal, kids in cages scandal, sexual assault scandals, etc, etc, didn’t cause his numbers to shift, will any scandal? But I believe that’s the wrong question to be asking.

If Trump were ahead, it would be one thing. But the polling averages have consistently shown all along that Trump is roughly eight points behind Joe Biden in the national polls, and that Trump is behind by varying margins in every swing state. All caveats about the polls apply. But there’s no doubt that Trump is on track to lose this election, and he only has about fifty days left.

The main question we should be asking is, can Trump do anything to make his poll numbers go up? The secondary question is, will these new scandals make it that much harder for Trump to find a way to get his poll numbers to go up? After all, it’s harder to go on the offensive when you’re stuck playing defense. Tick tock Donald Trump, you’re running out of time. Meanwhile, if you’re reading this, go register some people to vote, or volunteer for Biden, if you can. Biden’s eight point lead only matters if his would-be voters actually vote.

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