Donald Trump throws #ExecutiveOrder tantrum after Twitter refuses to cave to him

This morning Donald Trump vowed to punish Twitter, and even shut it down entirely, in retaliation for Twitter’s decision to put fact check warnings on two of Trump’s most dishonest tweets. Apparently Trump was expecting Twitter to back down, but that didn’t happen.

Then this evening Reuters reported that Trump has signed an unspecified executive order aimed at punishing Twitter. The thing is, no one is taking this seriously. In fact the hashtag #ExecutiveOrder has been trending on Twitter, as everyone sarcastically waits to see just how incoherent and/or toothless Trump’s executive order ends up being.

Meanwhile Trump is throwing a tantrum about it tonight:


Stay tuned? Really? Donald Trump seems to honestly believe that his idiotic executive order is actually going to do something. This guy couldn’t be any more delusional.

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