Throw the book at them!

“Oh, magic hour, when a child first knows she can read printed words.” – Betty Smith, ‘A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.”

I begin this article with a quote from my favorite book of all time; A tree grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Many say to write about what one knows. One thing I know is that books have the power to change lives. They certainly changed mine.

Do you read? Perhaps you like the classics. Or maybe mysteries are more your thing. Maybe you like romance novels or dystopian adventures. It doesn’t matter. Each book holds a gift between its pages, and every work of literature has the power to move us.

Republicans do not like certain books. This is obvious. It is obvious in their disdain for the teaching of Critical Race Theory. In Virginia, Governor candidate Glen Youngkin’s shows open contempt for the classic Pulitzer-winning story, “Beloved.” And it is also evident in the actions of Texas State Rep. Matt Krause.

Per NBC News, Krause has decided some books are very dangerous indeed. And he is making his feelings known in the form of a letter to schools in Texas in which he compiled a list of some of the books that irk him.

The list includes 850 books, among them “The Cider House Rules” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” In the said letter, Krause explains some of these books could “make students feel discomfort.”

This possibly illiterate, most definitely ignorant piece of human waste is also demanding Texas schools report to him on whether any of these 850 books are featured in the school libraries.

The racist also ordered schools to look at any other books that might cause students “anguish.”

I have a few thoughts on book banning: How about we ban “Hillbilly Elegy” by JD Vance? How about the upcoming Jim Jordan book? They sound like excellent choices.

I am kidding on that. The bottom line is no book — no matter how much one loathes it — should be banned. Books are a matter of personal preference. But it is easy to see what is happening here.


Republicans are afraid of books. Books are a trigger for them. One frequently despises what one cannot understand. And books represent intellectualism. That is DEFINITELY something the GOP fears. Luckily the state teacher’s union rightfully labeled this garbage letter as a “witch hunt.” This is just another reason we can’t ever let the GOP retake power.

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