Donald Trump just threw Georgia Governor Brian Kemp under the bus

Donald Trump has spent weeks publicly pressuring Republican governors to prematurely reopen their states in the midst of a pandemic. Trump is hoping to keep economic numbers from continuing to crater, because his best shot at reelection was the economy before it began to collapse.

Some Republican Governors have pushed back against Donald Trump on this and kept their states closed. But Trump’s most loyal Republican Governors, including Brian Kemp in Georgia and Ron DeSantis in Florida, have gone ahead and begun to idiotically reopen their states. This will end up harming these governors in the long term, but they’re remaining loyal to Trump anyway.

Now, as always ends up being the case, Trump is throwing his loyalists under the bus. He used his press conference today to criticize Brian Kemp for reopening Georgia too soon and too widely. Trump is going as far as to specifically call out Kemp for reopening nonessential businesses such as tattoo parlors. The stunning part is that Kemp is doing pretty much exactly what Trump asked him to do.

Donald Trump must have seen that Kemp was getting significant pushback over this, and so he seized the opportunity to try to score cheap points by throwing Kemp under the bus. Trump will end up throwing DeSantis under the bus as well. For Trump, loyalty is a one way street – and his loyalists always end up in a dead end.

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