Three crucial Trump-Russia details Roger Stone just gave away

Roger Stone has publicly confessed today that he met with a Russian during the election who was offering dirt about Hillary Clinton. Stone is clearly trying to get out ahead of his worsening legal troubles, and because he’s a known liar, we can’t take his version of events at his word. However, Stone just gave away three crucial details about the Trump-Russia scandal, none of which appear to be good news for him or his pal Donald Trump.

1) Roger Stone is admitting that money was the reason he decided not to accept the Russian dirt about Hillary Clinton. Whether he realizes it or not, Stone is admitting that if the Russian hadn’t asked him for $2 million in return, he’d have gone ahead and accepted the dirt – which would have been a crime.

2) Stone claims that he turned the Russian down by telling him that Donald Trump doesn’t pay for anything. Stone is clearly stating that if they were going to pay for this illegal dirt from a foreign source, Trump would have been the one footing the bill. This helps confirm that, at least in Stone’s mind, he was meeting with the Russian on behalf of Donald Trump and the Trump campaign. Does Stone have evidence that Trump knew of this meeting in advance?

3) Roger Stone appears to be confessing that he lied to the House Intel Committee while under oath. That’s a felony, and Robert Mueller can charge him for it, with or without the involvement of Congress. Is Stone not aware that Mueller can charge him with perjury? Or has Stone merely realized that he’s in so much legal trouble, confessing to perjury is the least of his worries? In any case, Stone’s confession – a last ditch attempt at taking control of the narrative – helps confirm what grand jury proceedings have been making clear for weeks: his indictment and arrest are just around the corner.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report