This “summary” of Donald Trump’s Ukraine phone call cuts out three-quarters of the most damning stuff

This morning the Trump White House released what it wants us to believe is a “transcript” of Donald Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine. It’s incredibly damning, and it ensures that Trump will never get out of prison. But it’s far from a transcript. In fact it has a disclaimer right on the bottom which refers to it as merely a memorandum of the call, based on notes taken by people who were in the room. So how much is missing?

Here’s what you need to know. This summary reveals that Donald Trump asked the president of Ukraine, at two different points in the phone call, to criminally conspire with Rudy Giuliani in order to further the phony Joe Biden scandal. But the Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that Trump asked the president of Ukraine eight times to conspire with Rudy during this phone call.

The Wall Street Journal is a Republican-leaning and often pro-Trump publication, so there’s no reason to believe that it was in any way exaggerating when it reported that Trump asked the president of Ukraine to conspire with Rudy eight times. Yet this “summary” of the phone call only includes two of those instances. Where are the other six?

This tells us that three-quarters of the most damning stuff in Donald Trump’s phone call is missing from this “summary.” The summary alone is enough to take down everyone involved, as it’s a smoking gun proving the ugliest criminal conspiracy against the United States in our nation’s history. But it looks like we’ve only seen a fourth of it so far.

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