We told you three-quarters of the Trump-Ukraine phone call summary was missing

When the Trump White House released a summary of the fateful phone call between Donald Trump and the President of Ukraine, it was damning enough to get him impeached all on its own. But at the time, Palmer Report pointed out that something was missing. In fact it looked like most of it was missing. Now it turns we weren’t just imagining it, because a Senator sees it too.

Just prior to the release of the phone call summary, major media outlets reported that during the course of the call, Donald Trump had asked the President of Ukraine eight separate times to work with Rudy Giuliani on promoting the fake Biden scandal. But the summary only included two of those eight times. We figured that since only one-fourth of the Rudy mentions were present, the other three-fourths of the phone call must have been omitted from the transcript.

That was some rather simplistic math on our part, but it turns out we were pretty close. Senator Angus King had his staff read the phone call summary aloud, and it took them barely ten minutes. But the phone call is said to have lasted thirty minutes. So by Senator King’s math, roughly two-thirds of the phone call has been omitted from the transcript.

It doesn’t really matter if our estimate that 75% of the phone call is missing from the summary, or if King’s estimate that 67% of the phone call is missing, is more accurate. What matters is that this is another data point that suggests the Trump White House is trying to trick us into believing that most of the phone call didn’t happen. If the damning summary is what they were willing to admit to, just how ugly were the parts they omitted?

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